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Writing Reports

Writing Reports

The First and Last Word in Handwriting Analysis

"Dark lines on white paper bare the soul."

Specializing in: 
Honesty/Dishonesty Traits   Chemical Addictions
Emotional Issues   Sexual Abuse
Codependency   Graphotherapy
Business Handwriting   Children's Handwriting
Psychological Profile Tests   Forgery Detection
Pre-Employment Screening   Jury Selection
Individual, Entertainment, and Compatibility Analysis

Are you concerned that an important document you have is a forgery? Or do you need someone to analyze someone's handwriting? Then contact Alpha Omega Research and let Gene Hollis put his expertise to work for you.

In-depth personality profiles using the fastest and
most accurate character assessment tool in the world
today . . . the science of Graphology.

If you would like your handwriting analyzed, recorded on a cassette tape and sent to you, simply follow the instructions below.  The cost is only $25, and you should receive the tape within a week or so from the time I receive your hand writing sample.

In your regular handwriting, on an unlined sheet of paper, write out your earliest childhood memory.  Begin with "I remember I was ___years old, and I was living in ____________,_____________.  Write at least a paragraph, and then sign it using the same signature you would use if you were writing a letter to a friend.

Mail your handwriting sample, along with a check (no cash) for $25 made out to Alpha Omega Research, to the address below:

Alpha Omega Research
9227 Chimneysweep Ln.
Dallas, TX  75243

Alpha Omega Research
9227 Chimneysweep Ln.
Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: (214) 341-5224