Rhada Comprehensive Report

Prepared by Gene Hollis

Motivating Forces

Rahda is emotionally independent and does what she feels is best, regardless of accepted operating procedure.  Id breaking a few rules along the way means advancing her objectives, thatís not a problem for her.  She needs the freedom to make her own choices.  Give her time, space and autonomy to do what needs to be done, as that energizes her.  Restrictions, on the other hand, frustrate her.  Her need for material and financial security is about average.  What this means is, she works to take care of her needs and those of her family, but is not so driven that she make security her sole focus.  A Pleasant, harmonious environment is probably her first choice, but she can deal with a fair amount of conflict.  The main point is, it shouldnít continue for too long.


Personal Dynamics

Her strong orientation towards grounded common sense and reason make her a stabilizing influence.  By creating structure and order, she provides a solid foundation on which to build.  When unexpected events force last minute changes, Rahda is able to make the necessary adjustments without undue stress.  Whatever annoyance she experiences at having to switch plans soon fades and she moves on to more profitable activities. A reasonable amount of optimism allows her to bounce back when things go wrong.  When bad things happen she is able to keep a positive mental outlook and remember that tomorrow is likely a better day.  


Ego Strength

She values honesty and integrity in others and makes an effort to give as good as she gets.  Her sense of honor means more to her than monetary rewards.  With strong self-esteem, she doesnít allow others to set standards for her.  She sets and lives up to her own expectations.  Even when feeling challenged and out of her depth, Rahda is no about to accept defeat, but strives to learn from the experience.  Am adequate level of self-confidence helps her survive the ups and downs of day-to-day life.  Her sense of personal pride is strong enough that she can give herself pats on the back when she thinks she deserves them.  Having the strength of her convictions and enough will power to see her through, she is she is also flexible enough to change her plans if she doesnít achieve the kinds of results she is looking for.


Defense & Controls

As something of a collector, the items she amasses may not have much intrinsic value of their own.  Itís just that, once something is hers, she simply enjoys holding onto it too much to let it go.  The same is true of ideas, relationships, and anything else in her life.  A strong hint of perfectionism in her nature demands constant editing and reediting before Rahda finds the results acceptable.  There are times when her efforts at correcting something actually make things worse rather than better, but she feels compelled to keep on honing the results of her work.  On the whole, she doesnít seem to suffer overly from internal conflicts.  She does her best to stay on an even keel and not become too anxious in response to stressors.  Whether or not she is successful in maintaining her emotional equilibrium depends very much on the situation.  Slightly reserved at first, she is inclined to test the waters, one toe at a time, before rushing ahead.  When she is sure of herself she is more comfortable venturing in to new areas.  Levelheaded in most circumstances, when the pressure is in, she canít always restrain herself from expressing her feelings.  Particularly in highly charged emotional situations, her control may slip.  On those occasions, you can expect her to regain her composure fairly quickly.


Intellectual Style

A nimble thinker with rapid comprehension, she soaks up impressions from the environment.  Perhaps this is why she needs more space than the average person, to allow for a free flow if information through her intuitive processes. When standard methods are not working for her, Rahda uses her imagination to invent more effective ways of dealing with problems.  She is willing to consider various options and alternatives.  She prefers to maintain a conventional status quo and takes time to investigate innovative ideas before accepting them. When a concept seems to be founded in logic and common sense, she is open minded enough to give it a chance.  By and large she accepts things the way they were done in the past and probably will not expend very much energy on creating brand new methods of operating.


Communication Style

The same on the inside as out, se doesnít try to hide her motive or intent.  She is up-front and sincere in word and action.  Recognizing the need for flexibility and a joke now and then she uses her sense of humor to defuse difficult situations.  Looking for the lighter side helps keep everyone involved from taking themselves too seriously.  She has a high need for privacy and keeps her own counsel.  She doesnít share private information with anyone she is not certain of and knows she can trust.  Whatever she knows is locked up tightly inside her head and is not likely to leak out.  She will call on tact and diplomacy unless squeezed into a tight spot; then you can expect her to say whatís on her mind.  In conversation, she can maneuver around without giving a direct answer if she feels necessary to equivocate.  However, she would probably rather just say what she thinks when it does not put her in a defensive position.



She seems to have enough stamina and vitality to get by. Given a reasonable amount of rest and relaxation, she should be ready to do whatever needs to be accomplished from day to day.  She doesnít always wait for her partner to make the first move if she is sure her advances will be welcomed.  If she is comfortable with the other person, she is willing to take some risks and make an advance.  If she is rejected, it will be along time before she will try again.


Interpersonal Style

Her amiable manner creates a pleasant social climate.  Whether she is the host or not, she will probably act like it, paying attention to everyone at a gathering and ensuring that her needs are cared for.  When it comes to sharing and giving, she gives when she feels she wants to, but doesnít feel guilty when she doesnít.  She knows when to turn off the supply.  Discreet and more or less conservative in how she displays her own feelings, she finds it hard to be really relaxed around very demonstrative people.  Somewhat sensitive, when she is in the receiving end of negative feedback, it may sting at first.  After licking her wounds, though, she analyzes what was said and tries to grow from the experience.  While she is happy to have the approval of the people she deals with on a daily basis, she is no dependent upon it.  She believes she is worth caring about her own merits, and doesnít rely on the opinions of others.


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