Personal Dynamics Report

Prepared by Gene Hollis

Personal Dynamics

Her buoyant outlook suggests someone who simply expects things to turn out well. In fact, she is quite surprised when her optimistic expectations go unmet. Her outlook is fairly reasonable and rational and she approaches problems with a combination of tangible facts, personal feelings, and common sense, balancing all the factors when making a decision. She is open to suggestions and may yield to the thinking of others when under pressure. However, when a matter is really important to her, Rahda can usually be counted on to stand firm.


Ego Strength

Her self-confident manner indicates someone who believes they should be treated well. Yet, while she enjoys receiving praise and recognition, she doesn't depend on the good opinion of others. One interpretation of integrity is 'being true to oneself,' a characteristic strongly present in her personality. It is improbable that she would act against her conscience, even the chief motivating factor behind her efforts, personal pride is. She works hard to maintain high standards. She shows little reluctance when it comes to asking for what she wants. Her strong self-esteem tells her when it is appropriate to focus on getting her own needs met. It's not within her nature to cave in to temptation without a fight. She has sufficient willpower to stand firm in her views, even when faced with strong opposition.

Defense & Controls

In new situations, her behavior is sometimes restrained to the point of shyness. This kind of inhibition comes from a lack of self-belief. She needs support from family and friends to help her combat her feelings of insecurity. Strong feelings require a stronger degree of control than average. She has learned to exercise restraint when it comes to acting on her impulses, rather than letting them dominate her. She gets very attached to her things, and once she acquires ownership is reluctant to give anything up. If you borrow something from her, be sure to return it in mint condition, or you will undoubtedly find yourself in hot water. When it comes to her work, Rahda is especially exacting, which points to some performance anxiety. Willing to spend some significant time and energy making sure that there are no loose ends, it is important to her to iron out all wrinkles before making a move. Everyone has to deal with inner conflicts to some degree or another. Recognizing that they exist, she doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time on struggling with her own, but prefers to spend the bulk of her energy on work or relationships.

Intellectual Style

Rahda is as practical as she is idealistic and prefers to stick to what she knows whenever possible. When that is not effective enough she is capable of calling on her imagination to help solve problems. Her views and attitudes are basically traditional, but she is open-minded enough to consider new possibilities if they have a solid foundation. She uses a combination of logic and intuition to help her make decisions. She listens to what her "sixth sense" is telling her, but backs it up with data. The aesthetic and artistic side of her nature could be an asset if she would allow herself the time and space to express it.

Communication Style

When she feels pressured, she may find herself telling less than the full truth. A sense of guilt might prick at her conscience, but it is unlikely to stop her from justifying her actions. She tries to see the lighter side when things are not going well, and uses her sense of humor to help her bounce back. She is congenial  but circumspect in creating boundaries, and is careful about how she uses self-disclosure. That is, she is not exactly blunt, she is more apt to use the direct approach when she has something to say. You could say she makes an effort to use some tact and diplomacy to get the point across.


Strong vitality and stamina provide the staying power to handle big projects and do what needs to be done, holding steady until they are complete. Even when things become dull and routine, or there are major obstacles to overcome, she is able to keep pushing herself to the finish line. Her stronger than average physical drives suggest she us usually ready and willing to make lover whenever the opportunity is there. She has the endurance and stamina to indulge in sex often, perhaps experimenting with different types of lovemaking with a willing partner.

Interpersonal Style

A demonstrative, warm-hearted person, she expresses her emotions and responses genuinely and naturally. When you see a tear in her eye at a sad movie, you can believe it is real. Her gregarious nature spurs her to reach out and make the first move on making a new acquaintance. She likes to make people feel good and does her best to make them comfortable, whether in her own territory or elsewhere. There are times when she does things for others, not only because they need it, but also because being acknowledged for her contributions really gives her a warm glow. Although she is not particularly territorial about money and material possessions, neither is she so easygoing that she will give her last dime to anyone with a sad story. There must be a good reason for her to give. Even when her heart may be saying one thing, her head tells her the degree of sensitivity that is called for. Therefore, she recognizes when it is appropriate to listen to the critiques of others and when it is better to turn a deaf ear.

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