Outline For Rahda
Prepared by Gene Hollis


Motivating Forces
  • Low tolerance for bureaucratic red tape

  • Repudiate restrictions

  • Moderate need for security

  • Maintains steady equilibrium

Personal Dynamics
  • Focus on concrete facts

  • Ability to adapt to unscheduled events

  • Recovers quickly from disappointments


Ego Strength
  • Intolerant of hypocrisy

  • Strong ego

  • Strongly self assertive

  • Builds self-confidence through difficult experiences

  • Personal achievements build self worth

  • Moderate will power and flexibility


Defenses & Controls
  • Sends a lot of time on small details

  • Keeps emotion in check

  • Responses to stressors within normal range

  • Fairly restrained emotional expression.


Intellectual Style
  • “Sixth sense” makes her highly perceptive

  • Willing to listen to new ideas

  • Weighs and measures each new idea

  • Somewhat original and creative


Communication Style
  • Genuine in word and deed
  • Finds humor in all situations
  • Reasonably tactful
  • May fudge the facts occasionally
  • Creates action

  • Energy levels average

  • Ability to initiate sexual encounters

Impersonal Style
  • Sociable and outgoing

  • Somewhat open-minded

  • Ability to express emotions appropriately

  • Sensitive to others’ needs

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