Prepared by Gene Hollis for George W Bush

Comprehensive Report



Motivating Forces

Self-sufficient and emotionally independent, George w prefers to make his own choices and does not leave himself open to influence by others. Neither does he rely on getting a lot of feedback about his performance. Challenges attract him like a magnet. He welcomes them with open arms. In fact, life would be no fun for him without difficult obstacles to overcome. Ambitious, achievement-oriented, and goal-driven, he keeps his eye fixed firmly on his objectives, taking whatever steps are needed to meet them. Because he craves a harmonious atmosphere he often goes to great lengths to keep the peace. If that means making more or bigger concessions than are fair, the trade-off is usually worth it to him. He needs plenty of autonomy and space in which to operate. Without that elbow room he soon becomes antsy and ready to move on.

Personal Dynamics

A strong need for closure drives him to finish what he starts. He feels antsy when plans are indefinite or things are left up in the air. It is very important to him to see tasks through to completion. He uses his practical experience and common sense to develop a plan of action. Doing things in ways that have proved successful before gives him a secure comfort level. Resilient and adaptable, George W is like the Unsinkable Molly Brown--nothing keeps him down for long. Stress just seems to roll off him. When he is really interested in an activity or a project, you can expect him to pursue it with a fair amount of determination. However, when things begin to drag on too long and a dull routine sets in, he may cut back on his efforts or try to rush a project through to get it finished.

Ego Strength

Unlike many people who seek their answers from others, he has the self-confidence to follow his own path and counts on a sense of inner direction to guide him. A need to be true to himself prompts him to do the right thing, even when others are not looking. He gives what he feels he ought, besides simply serving his own needs. His public reputation is important to him and he does his best to protect it. However, his sense of pride aside, he is also fairly independent of others' evaluations. Thus, when he comes under attack, he doesn't always rush to defend his good name. Having the courage to ask for what he needs suggests strong self-esteem. It also allows him to acknowledge compliments when he feels they are deserved. Strong willpower enables him to accomplish at whatever level he sets his sights. This indicates a firm sense of purpose and the capacity to apply effort toward achievement.

Defenses & Controls

George W. can't stand it if he thinks someone has seen a part of his character that is less than perfect. He would rather keep hidden any undesirable characteristics and goes to some amazing lengths to do so. He gets along best by preserving and maintaining what makes him feel secure. A fairly strong degree of inhibition suggests that he is unlikely to extend himself too far or risk possible failure by trying something new unless he has plenty of time and prior preparation. Self-control and personal development are important parts of the picture for him. He has developed a good personal rhythm between acting out and holding back his impulses. He enjoys what he has, but owning things is not the primary focus of his life. He is not a packrat or a collector, but has a give-and-take attitude that allows him to let go at the right time.

Intellectual Style

His analytical abilities allow him to sort through information and determine its potential value. Don't expect him to accept what you tell him at face value, just because you said so. He wants to know the whys and wherefores. George w has the ability to create big dreams for himself by using his imagination. Adding some practical planning ability can make his ideas work for him to bring those dreams into reality. When it comes to looking at a troublesome situation he deliberately keeps his distance. With an emphasis on objectivity and rationality he is less apt to be judged by others as partial. A logical thinker, he uses a step-by-step approach to problem solving. He wants to make sure that all his ducks are in a row before moving forward. A need to create something new and different motivates him. He has an original approach and finds creative ways of handling problems, rather than following a more traditional path. Basically conservative, his mind is open, but within conventional boundaries, revealing a limited desire to explore various options and alternatives before making choices.

Communication Style

One questions why he has such a strong need for secrecy. As the saying goes, "You have to wonder what he's up to!" He gives outward indications of being forthright in what he says, but what he does not say and does not talk about may be entirely another matter. He knows how important it is to keep a sense of humor, reminding himself that there will be plenty of opportunities to improve things when life is not going as smoothly as he would like. Although he is diplomatic and tactful in most situations, if he feels strongly about a matter, you can expect him to come right out and say what's on his mind.

Interpersonal Style

Although he doesn't always show it, he is quite sensitive to negative comments or criticism. It deeply affects his sense of emotional well-being when he knows that someone doesn't like who he is or what he stands for. Because he respects others' personal space, he also has a balanced view of his own place in the social structure. That is, he knows where to draw the line when it comes to contact. He expresses his feelings and opinions when appropriate, holding back when it is not. His emotional responses are generally average, and it is a rare occasion when he allows them to carry him away.

Work Style

His energy seems boundless. He more than pulls his weight on the job and expects everyone else to do the same. He is capable of handling complex tasks and pays close attention to the many fine details. Observant and meticulous, he sees the things that others miss and insists upon a step-by-step method of handling every undertaking. This is the type of person who willingly endures any amount of difficulty and hardship to attain the goals he has set for himself. Allowing nothing to stand in his way, George w plows over all obstacles and stays focused on what he wants to achieve. He just keeps working at it. He is responsive to the needs of the others in a group as long as he doesn't feel they are taking advantage of him. He likes getting together and collaborating as a team member, as well as spending time on his own, pondering the group discussion. He might prefer things to stay the same, but he understands that progress includes change. When presented with a flexible framework of standards and regulations on which to rely, and time to assimilate changes, he can move ahead with a sense of security.

Sales Style

When he takes on a difficult project you can expect him to follow through and complete what he starts. He is a self-starter who wants to set his own schedule of activities and carry them out independently. He is not one who needs to be given explicit instructions. Just hand him an assignment and let him get started. You can expect plenty of action when George w is around. His upbeat and witty way of telling stories makes it fun to listen to him. Money is not a primary motivator for him, but he is realistic enough to recognize that he needs it to live comfortably.

Management Style

He knows that avoiding a potential conflict might dissipate the heat of the moment, but he refuses to look the other way or sweep problems under the rug. Instead, he takes the initiative and deals with the problem directly. George w is decisive and authoritative. He knows his mind and doesn't hesitate once he knows what he wants to do. He has no difficulty making a decision and acting on it. He follows his gut instincts. He is alert and ready to take off on a new enterprise if it seems to have the slightest chance of succeeding, following the maxim "Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." He is the type who is better at being in the

forefront, rather than following behind someone else. By taking charge and being pro-active, he gets results. He organizes his time efficiently, and has enough self-discipline to properly handle the smaller tasks as well as the important ones. He understands how to rally his group when they start to get tired or forget that they are working on a team. Calling on the talents and skills of each member, he is able to motivate them in ways to which they will best respond as individuals.


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