Motivating Forces 
  • Independent thinker
  • Intolerance for discord
  • Repudiates restrictions


Personal Dynamics
  • Strong, need for closure
  • Realist, down to earth
  • Prefers path of least resistance
  • Needs projects that produce quick results
Ego Strength
  • Does not depend on the good opinion of others
  • Wiling to be accountable
  • Strong sense of pride
  • Puts self first
  • Make sure things get done
Defense & Controls
  • Uncompromising and perfectionist
  • Acutely aware limitations
  • Good balance between self-control and impulsiveness
Intellectual Style
  • Thinks before acting
  • Looks ahead and visualizes possibilities
  • Looks at the big picture
  • Prefers logic over intuition
  • Dynamic, creative imagination
  • Capacity to accept new ideas and concepts
Communication Style
  • One could never say they really know him
  • Quick to pick up on irony
  • Modulates attitude and behavior with diplomacy
Interpersonal Style
  • Deep personal sensitivity
  • Respects others' privacy
  • Expresses emotions within boundaries
Work Style
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Strongly detail-oriented
  • Can work independently or as part of a group
  • Follows reasonable rules


Sales Style
  • Plays to an audience, creates excitement
  • Balanced view of money and possessions


Management Style
  • Good at resolving conflicts
  • Strong need for achievement
  • Creates structure and order
  • Sure of his direction