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Gene Hollis

Gene Hollis is a graduate of the Institute of Graphological Sciences; the first state-licensed school in the country for Graphology. Gene has earned two certifications, Certified Graphologist (C.G.) 1988 and Certified Specialized Graphologist (C.S.G.) 1989. His areas of specialization are chemical addictions, honesty/dishonesty traits, emotional issues, sexual abuse, codependency, business handwriting, children's handwriting, and graphotherapy. He is proficient in two psychological profile tests.



Mr. Hollis interned in 1989 with the Dallas County Public Defenders office - the first Graphologist in the country known to do so. He also directed the 1989 International Graphological Society's Conference held in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Hollis is a Questioned Document Examiner (Q.D.E.) who has worked on dozens of cases involving questioned documents, forgeries, and anonymous writings. He has testified several times in Texas courts as a handwriting expert.


Mr. Hollis has written numerous columns for publication in a variety of magazines and periodicals and is in demand for speaking engagements for local civic, social, and business groups. In addition, he has taught several classes on handwriting analysis and is a licensed instructor on questioned documents with the Texas Commission on Private Security (L-185).  He has been an instructor at a local community college teaching a course on "Introduction to Handwriting Analysis."


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